3D Designer

  • First 2 Photo I tried to design my Home ground floor in 3d max  , but I couldn’t finish it, Laptop was getting  stuck when the design layer increased. it was on 2012.
  • I designed 2 company logos one for Zamel Projects and other one for Fasco but dont know where I saved it whether in my Laptop or Desktop. I find it and Update soon.


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  • My Article about Google Glass Published in Famous Kerala Daily NewsPaper Mathrubhumi supplement on 22nd April 2014. Written in my mother tongue Malayalam.
  • find the  Google Glass Article copy (4 Pages) which I sent to Mathrubhumi (in my hand writing). Click here -> Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3, Page 4


Mathrubhumi Vidya on 22-April-2014


Google Glass in mathrubhumi vidya on 22-April-2014