About Me

I m Niyaz Kannanchery . home at Kodiyathur, Mukkam (Kerala). Spent my Childhood at Chaliyam where my Mom worked as a teacher. She was a Natural Science HighSchool teacher. My dad worked with Canadian Consulate Saudi Arabia. have two Sisters  first sister working as higher Secondary teacher, second one Working as a MicroBiologist and I am the youngest …..

Completed Master of Commerce (M.com) from Annamalai University 2015-2017 (Distance Education) and Bachelor of Commerce from Brindavan College Bangalore (2009 – 2011). LKG to 6th Grade from Hajee PBM English Medium School,7th Grade to Higher Secondery from Umbichi Hajee Higher Secondary School, (Part time) Diploma in Accounting & Office SecretaryShip Courses [ISO certified] , 2012 – 2013 studied (Part time) WebDevelopment.  I have knowledge in 3d Designing, Photo Designing, System Hardware & many Softwares . You may gonna ask Don’t I have a Focused Academic attitude ?. Well I wish to say I study what I love to learn. Study for knowledge not for certificates . by the way I have Strong Knowledge in Computerized Accounting and I can manage Web Development too.

School and Higher Secondary Life

School days –> I m  A and B certificate NCC holder. NCC helped me confidence to face Life. camps helped me  to Live under any situation, I am not afraid to go any part of world.  talking about NCC . Its the Indian  military cadet corps. doesn’t mean that I worked in Military. We get so many qualities by Joining with National Cadet Corps like   | To develop qualities of Character, Leadership, Comradeship, Courage, Discipline, Spirit of Adventure, Secular Outlook and the ideals of Selfless Service amid the Youth of the Country | To create a Human Resource of Well Organised, Skilled and Motivated Youth, to endow with leadership in all walks of life and always be ready to serve the nation | To provide an apt environment and encourage the youth to choose a career in the armed forces. I always give respect to two categories i.e Soldiers and Farmers because they Protecting our Country. I do always Military HairCut fan of Military dresses  (t-shirts,track suit, caps,3/4 ) . I Love all countries Military Dress. So who ever wanna send gift to me  prefer that . 😀

Higher Secondary days –> I like to help Poor People and nature. I find happiness in that. that’s why I joined in NSS [National Service Scheme] and the Motto is “Not Me But You”. main objectives of NSS are |understand the community in which we work | understand ourselves in relation to their community | identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving | develop among over selves a sense of social and civic responsibility | utilize our knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems | develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities | gain skills in mobilizing community participation | acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes| develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters |  practice national integration and social harmony. 

Was Editor of Higher Secondary Bulletin board ‘JWALA’ (English : Burning Fire), where students can write their own writing and ideas.

I always took part in school sports & games.  Click to see certificates : Extra Curricular Certificates

above mentioned were a important chapters in my Life but I’ll tell about my Golden times. read