there are 28 states in India and each states Culture is different. so When a Foreigner ask to a Kerala guy about where he/she is from. they say they are from Kerala, instead of their country India. My College Classmate  Faizan Madani asked me why most of the  Keralites  says like this. I hide that answer in a smile , But there are several reasons friends , sometimes You may dont like it , anyhow  I reveal it.  some highlights of Kerala.

  • Kerala’s Education and Health is equivalent with developed countries.
  • Kerala is the highest literacy rate (95.5%) in India last sooo many Years
  •  First E-literate (Computer) State in India.
  • All Religions People are living Peacefully as brothers. no fighting between religions like other state in India.
  • People in Kerala living with high standard. never find any distinction between urban and rural regions .Per capita income, Kerala is actually No 1.
  • Kerala has the highest human development Index in India.there is only two places in the world which got more HDI than Kerala. ie,Australia and Norway.
  • Kerala has good male-female ratio, high development rate,less death rate,high life expectancy, survey in 2005 by Transparency International ranked it as the least corrupt state in the country.
  • There is a talk that If you go any Place in the World,You can see atleast one Keralites. Yes thats absolutely correct.
  • Kerala landscape is really beautiful with rivers, forest, waterfall so and so. Google it for more.
  • Our hospitality is as lovable as flowers and its truely genuine. not lie. wanna see visit any of your Kerala friend house. 🙂

Current Location of my Home

after Mom’s retirement we moved to ‘G-road’ (Mukkam) since 2011 because my dad home is there. Its really very beautiful Place, surrounded by Water Falls, Lakes and Meadows. I was thinking like I get bored after shifting Home because all of my friends were at Kadalundi  (the Place where I born) but the landscape of this Place change my mood.


last update 29th – Nov- 2013