Your Memories with me

Hi Teachers, Friends, Do You remember our first meeting or have any experience with me.  then Write here not more than 500 Characters. really welcome your comments.

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Navas P (Higher Secondary friend) – You were always with me all the way from plus two till u left bangalore for higher all those tym it will be difficult to find a day i spent without u. We were best frndz..may be time and distance separate our contacts still u hold a bigger role in my life..u alwayz standout from others becz ur thinkings were alwayz different..every frnd should have something he got influenced frm others..for me what i have captured frm u secretly was, ur intensity to learn different and new thngz were the best quality i have seen in u. Ur thoughtz were alwayz different..i remember u have used to write examz by writing ur own thoughts in future me also followed the same path and got complementz frm my teachers, which was just becz u..i have to thank u fr that and i wish u could make good use of all ur thoughts and hold ur attitude to achieve highz in ur life.

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Faizan Madani (College mate)  : First of all i m very thankful to my best buddy Niyaz. Mann u helped me a lot in learning web designing. i must say the kind of knowledge u have in web programming like HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT etc,  i dont think anyone else have the same. And the best quality about u is that you share your knowledge with anyone who are in need of it. Especially meeee. May God Bless you for ur qualities and character.

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