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  • Startup in Web Development

    Posted on October 2, 2013 by niyazsky in Life.

      I selected commerce with computer for higher secondary [12th Grade or +2]. from there I learned HTML (HyperText Markup Language), that’s the basic language of web. I start building my School website with it but didn’t host. after that as I mentioned before I went to Bangalore for highers , it’s know as IT city. I got many connection with web developers. I Often visit at safwan’s room in 2nd year & see he is always coding in web. then I thought of creating a website by my effort. But I was unaware about Programming coding. No prob I though i start up with HTML (basic). Nothing can construct without a good base. then I was thinking what to make, how about a site about Kerala tourism but when I did Google, lots of website for it. So my site might not be noticed. Middle of 2nd year I noticed a Alphabetic Quotes Book from Book store at Calicut. It a good idea to make Alphabetic quotes website , benefits no CopyWrite issues in future, get more foreign visitors, can expand categories after Alphabetic Quotes etc. Next was to do a good design , I took my Desktop from Kerala to Bangalore room. Desktop is much better to type than lappy. after college I rush to my room & work on it around late night 2 AM. Hope my roommate Nihad, Mansoor, Farhan still remember it. lol. it took around One and half month to add complete book quotes to website. hosted my website on 23 April 2010 in the name of . I didn’t look back site til 2011, was a static site & I wish to make to Dynamic site where Visitors also can add Quotes. to do Dynamic site I must know Programming Codes. so I did a short term programming course from Baabra & change my site as it looks now.

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