• As a Mime Artist

    Posted on December 15, 2013 by niyazsky in Life.

    When I joined in the College Keralites not taking part in any event, it made me sad, I dont know Dance or Signing but we have to do something in college Youth Festival. So 2009 Freshers day we couldn’t do anything. but 2010 things has change. with the help of Safwan & Shamsheer we did a Art form called miming in Brindavan College at first time. the Topic was ‘ ANTI SMOKING’. it got big appreciation from Students. this Program selected for Karnataka state youth Festival [2011] later. Next year we Performed miming ‘AGAINST CORRUPTION ‘ , it was also colorful.

    watch Mime : ‘Anti Smoking’ 2010 | ’Against Corruption‘ 2011 {If College or friends have good Quality video of this Kindly info. Its a request }

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