• Business Plan Ideas

    Posted on December 15, 2013 by niyazsky in Life.

    After Product launch competition ‘The Firm‘ came with Next, I was waiting for it. and many students involved in it Next was ‘Business Plan’ competition, 3 Weeks Practical Competition. Club Provide us र 1000 (INR) and with this we have to start a Business in real. Many Students submitted their Business Plan. after screening 18 students selected for the real war. Many Students came with different ideas. the Selected Product which I remember uniQx (a modified Version of Linux OS) | Greeting Cards designed by Students | Dresses | Provisional Store Products for discount. I looked for Low Investment Business and started Lottery Coupon for र 5 [INR]. the reason was everyone ready to spend 5 INR and we can sell many Coupons . I give more Priority to Customer Satisfaction. You may hear this Proverb ‘Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean’. I’m in that Line. the first Price of it was a Fast Track sun Glass cost around 999 INR but I bought it for 50% off, Second price 2 Liter Cool Drinks and 10 other Bumper Prize just to attract students.

    Well; the winner criteria wasn’t only Profit. all weeks we have to focus differ things to avoid elimination. 1st week was Profit week, 2nd Advertisement week and 3rd Social Awareness Campaign. as Per the Business Plan announcement we have to find a business Partner so Mercy Hepzibath I choosed and in Social Awareness (3rd week) week added Sruthi S Pillai. because girls are best for College marketing. lol . true right:-). Each week elimination were happening as per Point level. Finally we reached in final list. Last assigned work was to do Presentation of Our Business activities. We reached at 6th Position after considering all Points. Business Profit was also a Major factor.

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