• Learning Leadership

    Posted on November 22, 2013 by niyazsky in Life.

    ‘If You want to be Great. You must Walk’. Yes I started walking at my College Times for being Success in Life. It’s the best time to learn and apply Skill. that Why I joined with Tycoons International  Bangalore. Ashiq Pookottur is the one recommended this group. Its a Network Marketing Training Group. Network Marketing is a best Platform to earn, to learn leadership Skills and to create friendship connection . Its structure is very beautiful. ‘The 1% Effort  of 100 Person is better than that if 100% Effort of 1 Person’. the main thing need in Network Marketing is continuous Motivation. After 3 Years working, I finished my studies and returned to Kerala. here I joined MediClaim Network Marketing provided by National Insurance , worked around 1 year. We did many type of campaigns in Villages. Health Insurance Product is very easy to Sell and its very useful. Everyone know its value when we meet with accidents or sick & it help us not being destroy our Finance Position.  this all did Weekend & at free times because I don’t like to waste my time for nothing.

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