• Search Colleges in Bangalore

    Posted on December 15, 2013 by niyazsky in Life.

    then next step was to search Colleges in Bangalore Dad gave some of his friend’s son number. me and my Cousin Jareer T.P went to Bangalore to search college directly. from there I met a good friend named Ashiq Pookottur who gave support and Guidance later . now he’s working at in his own Travel Company. the great advantage of him was he remember all the date of events not only Important one. If I ask him when I reached at bangalore he can still memorize it. great memory.

    the College I first visited was Brindavan College and I like at first sight. the benefit of that College is We can mingle with different nationality. I felt like that would be a great experience in my future. I joined there. Honestly I have to say that my first year Life in that College was not good. Only one College Club named ‘Culcurio Club’. I was Event Manager in that club for three years , no department Clubs and the lecturers were not that much good. but from Second year all things Changed. 2 energetic lectures Joined in Commerce Department named Syed Kazim and Mahamood Yunis. they started Echelon club, later changed it as ‘The Firm‘ by the request of College.

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