last Update 28th Sept 2013


Am Someone Whom You Cant Easily Find in this Busy World Around You !

-100% Real
-0% Fake

Meaning of Niyaz is :: Dedication, Offering

My Own Life Principles and Policies

Help Ever …. Hurt Never…

If I cannot fulfil my dreams. Then I try to motivate & fulfill others dreams.

If any of my Friend ask any Help I shouldn’t reject.

I dont like to hear any appreciation words about me from others becaz it ll depreciate my ability & like to hear bad words against me if reason is Valid. It’ll motivate me. Funny but a Fact.

 I dont like to give orders to my Friend like a Leader . But I like to accept everything what the leaders are giving duties in a team Work.

I dont like to Work in a Team Work. Becaz I think I wouldn’t get freedom to Express & not able to Impliment my thoughts.

I don’t Like to hear badwords about my State OR my Country.

I dont like to see my friends sad.

I only grasp the thing Which I need in Future.

I wish a true friendship with others.

I don’t like to make joke to anybody and also on me.

I hate those who shows attitude infront of people.

I’m Soo Expressive . I cannot keep my Sad in my mind.

Dont Respect people who have aged more than U. Respect the Person who is doing good thing for Mankind.


♥ when I hear the name of Kerala, the blood must throb in my veins ♥

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