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    Posted on December 15, 2013 by niyazsky in Life.

    2010 Dec College Club named ‘Culcurio Club’ organized Food Fest. as I mentioned before students from different countries studying there. So this would be a nice time to taste different culture. I am appointed as in charge of my state Kerala. when Club conducted this program 2 years back I heard Kerala stall food got wasted because they fixed high price. So we all decided to give Priority to enjoy our taste for other nationalities and charged average price. it was a big success. Kerala stall reached in 2nd position in profit. First was Srilanka. we really enjoyed this fest. It was a completely group effort, Prepared food by our self, everyone did what they can do, when others Prepared food Ingredient these two made us tasty Chicken Fry, Fish Fry, Beef Fry and its Gravies. thanks to Sreejith Moorthattil and Mansoor, You can see in Food Fest Gallery, a food item called ‘Almajudi Avil Milk‘ , many Arabs came and ask was that a Kerala item because of the name ‘Almajudi’ feels a arabic word. honestly that real name of that item is Avil Milk [ Pressed rice with Milk] is one of the most popular drink sold in Malabar with Milk, Pressed Rice and Almond. It was Ismayil’s idea behind this name added ‘Almajudi’ , we dont know what it means (If anyone know, Let us know), to attract the customer we added it.

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