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  • Work in Non Profit Organisations and my AIM

    Posted on December 12, 2013 by niyazsky in Life.

    3 weeks before a NPO [Non Profit Organisation] worker approached me & invited me to join function held at my city. he said Party Ameer [Main Leader] was attending and it would be a great motivation for you. Am involved in some of their activities may thought that I am a supporter of that party. I said I’m not interested go far and attend speech and I already heard Ameer speech before and it not motivated me either, he wasn’t leaving & start advising about religion. here I wish to reveal that; am not supporter of any Parties or religion Party supporter. but I like to work with any Party, If it’s useful for Poor People or Protecting Environment. I listen party speeches if I believe that would be useful for me in future. from Bangalore I worked as SIO circle [2010-2011] secretary , main program conducted was Iftar Meet for College Student (no religion), from Kerala working as Solidary secretary G-road unit [2013-2014] , here we helped 2 family for the construction of house [physical help], distributed Beef for 150 families with the help of Qatar Charity. conducted program to Protect Environment on 1st Dec 2013. these day working for Fund Raising for reachable.org event ’Awareness campaign for Charity for Differently abled People’.

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